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The Real Estate Guru Tarun Shienh comments on Property Prices

The Real Estate GuruPeople ask me the other day is it the right time to buy a property in Delhi-NCR? I say, If you have been hesitating to buy property in Delhi-NCR due to the high property prices, here is good news for you. Real estate prices in Delhi-NCR are already down. Therefore, this is just the right time for you to invest in a property in Delhi-NCR.

This is the first time in the last 3 years that the sale of residential properties in NCR (National Capital Region) and Delhi have witnessed a slowdown. There has been a drop of about 30-40% in real estate sales in the region. Experts are off after that this is one of the major contributors of declining property prices.

Fall in Property Prices
If you are looking to purchase property in Delhi or NCR, this is the best time to go for your new apartment. There has been a significant fall in secondary market prices of properties in the posh south were to North Delhi areas in the recent times. Moreover, investors in the real estate market have now become desperate sellers. The region is witnessing the availability of many distressed deals in the market. People are desperate to sell off their properties, as they want the money for alternative uses. They are even willing to sell their apartments at a much lower price.

Unsold Inventory is Helping the Buyers
Many brokers have claimed that almost every builder in Delhi-NCR faces the problem of unsold inventory. They are not able to hold on to the inventory anymore, as they are desperate for cash. Moreover, buyers in Delhi are taking a lot of time to make up their mind about purchasing a property. While the problem of unsold inventory is a major reason for property prices coming down, the government’s recent decision to hike the circle rates in Delhi has also had an impact on the property sales. Buyers are now enjoying an upper hand and are managing to negotiate payment terms in their favor for up to 6 months instead of 3 months, which has been the standard norm so far.

Buyers Have an Upper Hand
It is just the right time for you to buy property in Delhi/NCR. Real estate developers have been gradually slashing their prices and providing various attractive schemes to draw buyers towards their properties. Thus, purchasing a house in Delhi/NCR today is an excellent option. Sellers in Delhi are quite desperate to sell, and you as a buyer can bargain and get a house of your choice at the right price.

Prices have never been this low since the last two decades, and the attractive schemes launched by the investors have struck a chord with the buyers. Prices of properties have come down in Delhi/NCR due to several factors like high rate of inflation, slow economic growth and high rate of interest. Property developers are burdened with high inventory levels and debts that are compelling them to slash prices in many localities of Delhi.

Other Reasons to Opt for Immediate Property Purchase
●  Further decline in property prices will not happen in the immediate future due to the recent policies of a stable government in New Delhi, committed towards the development of infrastructure and land. So if you plan to buy a house, don’t delay any further.

● The average annual salary increment in India stands at a meager 10% and the inflation rate yet to be under control, but there are prospects of economic revival, which will lead to a sudden increase in property prices. So it is better for you to go for your dream house.

● Reserve Bank of India has recently taken certain steps due to which the rate of interests for EMIs would come down. This would again see an upward hike of property prices.

So before all these policies start impacting the property prices, you should seriously think of investing your money in the realty sector of Delhi/NCR.

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Author: The Real Estate Guru Tarun Shienh is the Chairman of Premia Group
. He enjoys writing informative blogs, articles, and reviews. He likes to think of her writing as an online resource; helping end-users answer questions while guiding others in the direction they seek.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

GST IS GOOD FOR ALL By The Real Estate Guru Mr. Tarun Shienh

On the start of the winter session of Parliament, The Real Estate Guru Tarun Shienh today said it is time lawmakers across parties passed the Constitutional Amendment Bill on GST without further delay. This would send a strong signal to investors that India’s economy can overcome serious global and domestic challenges with political will.

He said GST can be an “Amrit” for the Indian economy against a very difficult global economic scenario, affected by demand slowdown, uncertain geopolitical situation after the Paris terror attacks, and an unprecedented crash in vital commodities.

“GST will harmonise indirect taxes by doing away with multiplicity of taxes. It will also reduce a cost of production, which will be then passed on consumers, thus lowering inflation. More striking would be the display of a political unity and the will to rise up to national cause. That will be a great positive for revival of investment, both domestic and international, something most needed at this point of difficult international times,” Mr Tarun Shienh said in his view on Special Interview with media.

Mr. Tarun Shienh added, Our GDP growth can rise by 1 to 1.5 percent by GST alone, going up to 9 percent from the present estimated 7.3 percent.

He urged the principal Opposition Congress Party to rise up to the national call and support the Goods and Services Bill in the Rajya Sabha. The Real Estate Guru requested the Government as well to reach out to all the political parties for a common cause.

“If the Congress Party or any other national or regional party has some specific concerns, the government should look into the same and address it as far as possible. There can always be a middle ground. Besides, the passage of the Bill would not mean casting it in stone; as the nation starts implementing the new taxation regime, some important lessons can be learnt and incorporated by subsequent changes in the law. But, if there is one thing that our nation needs from its political leadership, it is the GST,” Mr. Tarun Shienh said.

On the present state of the economy, The  Real Estate Guru said one of the main worrying aspects is lack of appetite for fresh investment which is further discouraged by lack of demand as is evident from the latest IIP (Index of Industrial Production) numbers showing the slowest growth industrial output in four months (3.6 pc) during September.

Mr. Shienh said that the critical challenge was to generate jobs for the one million Indians joining the workforce every month. The only way out was “Employment promotion through entrepreneurship”. He felt that the challenge was to become a nation of job creators rather than job seekers. For that, improving the ease of doing business was a critical first step. So, was better infrastructure, and more affordable access to finance and information, especially in small towns and villages.

Mr. Tarun Shienh cautioned poor rural demand thanks to two successive failures of Monsoon is clearly affecting the economic growth across different sectors—agriculture, industry, and services. Besides, there is a real threat of food inflation widening its scale well beyond pulses and onion. “Recent spurt in pulses (53 percent) and onion prices (85 percent) even on a wholesale price index, spells out an urgent need for a holistic approach on food production and management and how the entire rural economy should be well integrated with the rest of the economy”.

One suggestion was to have an empowered infrastructure dispute resolution mechanism, which would quickly solve the many problems that existing projects had got into, which was also deterring fresh investment.

On global economic head winds, Mr Tarun Shienh stresses upon the need to remain vigilant with regard unfolding geopolitical situation after the Paris terror attack and continuous problems in China. Japan has again gone into recession while the Federal Reserve has queered the pitch of raising or not raising the interest rates. “We need to give a lot of credit to RBI for ensuring stability in the foreign exchange rates even as most of the currencies of the emerging economies have seen a sharp erosion. But a constant vigil needs to be kept”.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Delhi Master Plan may not fulfill your Dream for home until 2021

The Real Estate Guru Tarun Shienh thinks that the Delhi Master plan is still a distant dream, especially for those who want to realize their dreams of owning home before 2021. The Real Estate Guru Tarun Shienh says that The Delhi Master Plan is still on paper and the way to implement it in words and deed passes through a long and a tedious legal process. There are lots of legal hurdles which require thorough scrutiny. What are these legal hurdles? Let us know in his own words:

Delhi is the capital city of India and home to a population of almost 16 million people. It remains one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world. Therefore, it becomes important to look at the state of urban planning in the city and to constantly evolve and evaluate the strategies for managing its growth and development The Master Plan for Delhi is supposed to be the main policy document for this purpose, a legally enforceable text which lays down the planning strategies and development controls applicable to the city.

This paper attempts to provide a critical analysis of the Master Plan, keeping in mind the recent controversies regarding the demolition drive in the city against unauthorized construction. There is an attempt to deconstruct the provisions of the plan in the face of the ground realities facing the residents. Special attention is given to the debate over stringent and outdated development controls and zoning regulations in the city and the theoretical underpinnings of this debate.

The paper also looks at some examples of cities across the world to get a feel of the international trends in planning for better cities. The paper finds that there are serious shortcomings in the draft plan, which has failed to address the demands of the residents of the city. The paper concludes that there is a case for greater participation by the people in the decision making process rather than a top down planning approach, and there is an urgent need to review the Master Plan and bring out the finalized draft for implementation at the soonest.

India lives in its villages, but modern India resides in its cities. Cities are the centers of growth to which the populace from all regions gets attracted to, whether to look for new career opportunities, or in hope of finding a better life and escaping the drudgery and poverty of stagnating rural areas. All across the world, any country that has experienced the transformation of an economically developed nation has experienced sharply increased urbanization also, with cities emerging as centers of trade manufacturing and sophisticated service providers. India is no different. With an ever-expanding economy and sharp rise in the share of services in the national income, India is experiencing urbanization as never before. In total, some 108 million Indians, or 10.5 per cent of the national population, live in the country’s 35 largest cities. According to the 2001 census in all about 27% of the population lives in urban areas with an urban to rural ratio of 39.

Today Mumbai is the largest Indian city and the third largest urban area in the world with a population of 18.84 million. The National Capital Region of Delhi is the 6th largest urban area in the world with a population of about 16 million people. Cities of such huge magnitude, having a population of over 10 million, are in fact, now classified as ‘Mega Cities’.

But with the growth of such large urban areas also comes the problem of managing them well to ensure good quality of life for the residents. The existence of such large numbers of people densely packed into compact regions has led to ever-increasing burdens on the resources available in the cities. Housing, waste management, slums, transportation, have emerged as some of the most pressing problems in urban areas along with the overall issue of effective utilization of land. It is in dealing with such problems that urban planning comes to the fore, in order to provide a comprehensive development strategy for the city with a forward-looking approach. The city may thus get divided into administrative and uses based zones with separate plans for the same along with an all encompassing master plan for the city as a whole.

The question is how relevant and effective are such plans, both in their objectives and in their implementation. Do they pragmatically take into consideration the actual ground realities or are they too utopian in nature? Is due consideration given to the financial viability of such plans? And most importantly to what extent does this planning process curtail the rights of individual citizens to use their properties as they see fit, and to pursue any means of self-improvement that the city has to offer.

This paper attempts to analyze these issues focusing on the draft document on the Master Plan for Delhi till the year 2021 (MPD 2021). There has been a lack of comprehensive analysis on this major policy document till now and at present there is no research work available on the Master Plan. This work becomes all the more relevant in light of the widespread protests and controversies that these plans seem to generate. There is a huge urban planning quandary here. On one hand Denizens are protesting against the demolition drive launched by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi against unauthorized constructions whereas on the other hand the implementing agencies and judicial bodies are helpless who are saddled with the task of ensuring the implementation of the existing provisions of the master plan. The city is demanding a change in the draconian land use policy and requires an urgent revision and the formulation of a new Master Plan. Yet the new Master Plan is not without its own shortcomings. The paper aims to provide a critical analysis of the existing draft plan in this context and to collate examples of successful urban planning the world over. Finally the paper looks into the issue of zoning and strictly ordained and planned land use and its relevance in a free market based economy based with the inviolable right to private property. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Premia Energy Pvt. Ltd. serves customers across the solar value chain through world class products and services.

Premia Energy Pvt. Ltd. serves customers across the solar value chain through world class products and services. In a short span of time since its inception has taken a dominating position in Solar EPC Services and Solar PV modules in India. Our products meet international standards including UL, IEC, ETL, CE, JET, JIS,CEC, FSEC,MCS, etc required to sell our products across the globe.
Solar power in India

With about 300 clear, sunny days in a year, India's theoretically calculated solar energy incidence on its land area alone is about 5,000 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year (or 5 EWh/yr).

The solar energy available in a year exceeds the possible energy output of all fossil fuel energy reserves in India. The daily average solar power plant generation capacity over India is 0.25 kWh per m2 of used land area, which is equivalent to about 1,500–2,000 peak (rated) capacity operating hours in a year with the available commercially-proven technologies.

On 16 May 2011, India’s first 5 MW of installed capacity solar power project was registered under the Clean Development Mechanism.

The project is in Sivagangai Village, Sivaganga district, Tamil Nadu. In January 2015, the Indian government significantly expanded its solar plans targeting US$100 billion of investment and 100 GW of solar capacity by 2022.

Current status 
Government-funded solar electricity in India was approximately 6.4 MW per year as of 2005. India is ranked number one in terms of solar electricity production per watt installed, with an insolation of 1,700 to 1,900 kilowatt hours per kilowatt peak (kWh/KWp).

25.1 MW was added in 2010 and 468.3 MW in 2011. As of 31 August 2015, the installed grid connected solar power capacity is 4,229.36 MW, and India expects to install an additional 10,000 MW by 2017 and a total of 100,000 MW by 2022.

Mr. Tarun Shienh 

Mr. Tarun Shienh, who has diverse rich experience across real estate and financial services industry, is a renowned Real Estate Veteran and Visionary Entrepreneur. His forte lies in delivering world class high quality and innovative real estate projects in India, has facilitated "Premia Family" to incorporate Quality, Trust and Transparency ethics in Premia Group Companies. An MBA & Post Graduate Diploma Holder in Finance from Delhi University, Mr. Tarun has sharp Management & Financial Planning acumen which paved way for establishment of effective Business Processes during his tenure in respective organizations.

Under his Strong Leadership and Extraordinary Vision, "Premia Group" is committed towards driving revenues and creating wealth for all key Stakeholders and Investors. Mr. Tarun Shienh is honored as "The Real Estate Guru" by Builders Council of India (BCI), Prestigious Semi Government Body PHD Chamber Of Commerce and Journalist Association of India (JAI).

The honor is quite interesting because never before in India any real estate developer or builder was given this kind of title for his excellence leadership or innovative approach.

He is the Chairman Of Assocham National Council on Luxury and the Director of Human Right Council of India a body working for the Social Causes.

He is the Mentor of Interior Design Students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Solar Energy in India

The Indian solar story is much bigger than the story of one country and one technology. It is one of those game-changing developments that will have an impact on many aspects of our lives around the globe. It is the opportunity of a lifetime for India, for the global energy industry and for the climate. Here is why.

In terms of its energy infrastructure, India is where China was 30 years ago: It needs to industrialize and for that it needs to massively expand its energy supply. The difference is: its choices are much better and clearer. A look at China shows the downsides of a coal-heavy strategy: severe pollution and enormous water-usage. At the same time, the costs of wind and solar have fallen to about 5-10% of what they were in 1990.

India has the option of building its future energy infrastructure around solar and other renewables storage and smart grids rather than coal. This will be a choice that costs less, is much cleaner, saves water, provides a maximum of energy security and allows India to move to the forefront of key future technologies. Solar has enough potential to satisfy a vastly increased power demand in India.

It is also the opportunity of a lifetime for Indians that have no access to power (mostly in the villages) or face highly unreliable power (in many cities and industrial hubs). Solar now puts the power into the hands of consumers. It is quick and easy to install, making distributed power generation possible. In future, if the government won’t fix it, consumers will do it themselves.

A Lifetime Opportunity for Solor Energy in india 
India is a huge market, perhaps the largest future energy opportunity anywhere. As compared to China, it is also a much more open market. If solar will be the backbone of India’s future energy economy, that is good news for energy companies around the world: they can offer solutions in a market that is more transparent, more competitive and more environmentally friendly than thermal power.

This promise of the Indian solar market attracts an entirely new crowd of international investors, ranging from American and European utilities to the Japanese entrepreneur Masayoshi Son and his Softbank, to leading private equity investors and to the Russian oil major Rosneft – often shifting away from other energy businesses (oil, coal, nuclear). They are making investment bets as large as any in the global energy market. Solar is no longer a niche opportunity. It is mainstream and India has attracted the biggest investments this year.

A Lifetime Opportunity for the Global Climate 
Last but not least, solar in India is one of the biggest single measures to save the global climate.

On the other hand, if India can build a modern energy infrastructure around solar, it will be of enormous benefit to everyone. And think of the effect this would have on development conversations everywhere: it can show the way for other countries in a similar stage of development in Africa, Asia and the Middle East – altogether around half the world’s population.

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Invest in India's 1st Corporate City and get 12.5 % Assured Returns

Go ahead, mix work & pleasure! Premia Group presents 5 star serviced studio apartments at India's first Corporate City. With functional kitchens, ready-to-move-in furnishings, appliances and gadgets in every room, we've created an ultra luxurious home right at your work place. So get ready to be pampered in the lap of luxury, because we've created a world of convenience that is absolutely matchless. With a 5 Star Hotel, Multiplex, Mall, Shopping, Dining all within the Corporate City, and all services on call, including doctors, CAs etc., we've ensured that you will never leave.
  • Situated in India's 1st Corporate City
  • 5 Star Serviced Studio Apartments
  • 1 / 2room sets with fully functional kitchen and all services on call
  • Doctor, IT, Tax & CA available, ATM in the complex
  • CTV, DVD Player, PC with Wi-Fi, Music, Mandir in every room
  • No more commuting to work
  • 5 Star Hotel, Multiplex, Mall, Shopping, Dining within corporate city

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Premia Group residential project - The Western Star

दिल्ली एनसीआर में घर के सपना देखने वाले लोगों के लिए ये दीवाली यादगार साबित हो सकती है। एक ओर दिल्ली के एनसीआर नोयडा, ग्रेटर नोयडा में अपना घर खरीदने पर ना सिर्फ बिल्डर्स ढेर सारे ऑफर दे रहे हैं वहीं दूसरी ओर सरकार की ओर से रेपो रेट और रिवर्स रेपो रेट कम होने से घर की मासिक किस्त भी सस्ती हो जाएगी। जिसके चलते इस ये दीवाली बायर्स के लिए यादगार साबित हो सकती है। ये कहना है दिल्ली एनसीआर के मशहूर बिल्डर, प्रीमिया ग्रुप के चेयरमैन और द रियल एस्टेट गुरू के नाम से मशहूर तरुन शीन का।

द रियल एस्टेट गुरू तरुन शीन की माने तो रियल्टी बाजार की ओर अब बायर्स काफी आ रहे हैं। जिसकी दो वजह वो बताते हैं। पहली वजह की जानकारी देते हुए तरुन शीन कहते हैं कि, ग्रेटर नोयडा वेस्ट के सेक्टर एक स्थित प्रीमिया वेस्टर्न स्टार अपने ग्राहकों को बेहतर सेगमेंट पर घर दे रहा है। इतना ही नहीं भुगतान के लिए कई तरह के स्लैब हैं जिसमें डाउन पेमेंट प्लान, फ्लैक्सी प्लान, कंस्ट्रक्शन लिंक प्लान, स्पेशन पैमेंट प्लान और सववेंशन प्लान शामिल है। ग्राहक अपनी पसंद के हिसाब से प्लान ले सकता है और पैमेंट कर सकता है।

वेस्टर्न स्टार में घर खरीदने वालों के लिए वेस्टर्न स्टार में कई तरह की खुबिया हैं जिसमें हम क्लव, स्वीमिंग पूल और जिम जैसी जरूरी सुविधा दे रहे हैं। ये जगह अपना घर देखने वालों के लिए आदर्श जगह है। हमने ये वेस्टर्न स्टार और दूसरे प्रोजेक्ट्स की जानकारी अपनी बेवसाइट पर डाली है जिसका पता है है।

द रियल एस्टेट गुरू तरुन शीन कहते हैं कि हमारी ये कोशिश है कि इस दीवाली पर घर का सपना देखने वाले लोगों का सपना पूरा हो। वहीं दिल्ली एनसीआर के नोयडा और ग्रेटर नोयडा में बढ़ती कीमतो पर अपनी राय देते हुए तरुन शीन कहते हैं। दिल्ली एनसीआर में बहुत से बिल्डर्स अपने प्रोजेक्ट लेकर आ रहे हैं। इस बीच प्रोजेक्ट में लगने वाली लागत में भी इजाफा हुआ है। हालांकि बहुत से बिल्डर्स ने अपने प्रोजेक्ट्स के रेट में इजाफा किया है लेकिन, प्रीमिया ग्रुप की कोशिश ये है कि हम आज भी बेहतर कीमत में ग्राहकों के घर का सपना पूरा कर सके। 

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Premia Group - The Real Estate Guru Venture

Most professionals today wait to buy their first car until they've put down a deposit on a home. But with Premia Group announcing its unbelievable 'Car for Home' scheme, prospective home owners can get both without compromising on their dreams. The scheme is valid on their recently launched real estate project, The Western Star.

The Western Star is a smart living residential project like no other, and built on land allotted by the Greater Noida Authority. This approved construction marries advanced technology, features and amenities with a value-for-money proposition. Smart living as a concept is changing lifestyles across the globe today. It involves integrating the latest technologies and gadgets with everyday household routines. And keeping its commitment to create a new lifestyle for its customers, the company is pioneering the concept of smart card access with this new project.

Apart from hi-tech security, high speed internet access and a host of intelligent features, the grandeur of The Western Star can be seen and experienced as soon as you enter. You are greeted by a posh lobby, with a reception area, coffee shop and waiting lounge that is at par with any international five star hotel. The 5.25 acre space with landscaped gardens, play areas, jogging tracks, swimming pool with stunning pool decks, state-of-the-art gym, cricket practice pitches and golf putting greens etc. offer you and your kids plenty of recreational activities. High speed elevators offer the perfect bridge between your home and the magnificent outdoors. Broadband internet access in the lobby ensures that you are never out of the game. For the environmentally conscious, the project embraces green living concepts, boasting of a dedicated waste collection & sorting facility, solar geyser and community area lighting through solar energy.

The project is located in the heart of Sector-1, Noida, and is connected by a 60 meter wide road. It offers access to all the amenities of India's First Corporate City and pick and drop facility to and from the nearest metro station.

So when you book your home at The Western Star, you not only get to live in one of the finest addresses in Noida, but you can now also drive there in style.

Premia Group is a growing conglomerate of diverse companies delivering a wide array of solutions encompassing real estate, healthcare, hospitality, infrastructure, lifestyle, energy and social welfare. Led by Mr. Tarun Shienh, a leader par extraordinaire with a diverse repertoire of skills and knowledge, the group has successfully launched India's First Corporate City and other path breaking real estate concepts across India.

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Book your dream home at luxurious residential project of Premia Group in noida extension

Premia Western Star is the Luxurious residential project in sector 1, Greater noida west having an  world class amenities like Smart Card Access, 5 Star Lobby, Swimming Pool, Garden, Cricket Practice Pitch, High Internet Access and many more with free access of all the amenities of Premia Corporate City as well. Pick and Drop facility from a nearest metro station.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ghulam Ali Live In Concert presented by Premia Group at Siri Fort Auditorium

‘Chupke Chupke raat-din aansu bahaana yaad hai’ from BR Chopra’s 1982 block buster Nikaah, was the attraction apart from many others featuring in a concert that had connoisseurs and commoners queuing up outside concert hall to listen to the unique style of ghazal singing, rendered by Ghulam Ali. It was an occasion where the nitty-gritty and complexities of Hindustani classical music were melded with that of ghazal singing.
There was also a time when ghazal had changed from a genre deeply-rooted in a cultural set-up of old nobility. Films like Nikaah have changed all that and very soon ghazal was embracing the popularity among the masses. 

“At that time Bollywood, once, gave me my kind of song and I sang. Ghazals were at their peak then in terms of popularity and ‘Chupke chupke…’ just aquired a different status. Not sure if I could manage the acrobatics that take place today in Bollywood, I decided that I would try if a song that suited my voice came my way,” said Ali.
Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali who has ruled the hearts of ghazal lovers both in India and Pakistan has been singing ghazals since the past 62 years. This long stay in ghazal singing has imparted more melody and tang in Ghulam Ali’s silky voice.

On the eve of 24 April, Premia Group organized a concert ‘Celebrating 62 years of Singing Ghazals’ at Delhi’s Siri Fort auditorium. Ghulam Ali felicitated Country’s famous The Real Estate Guru, Tarun Shienh with garlands and presented him a bouquet. Noted musician, Pt. Vishwanath was also felicitated on the occasion.

Narrating his experiences of ghazal singing in India, Ghulam Ali told, that he still hasn’t forgotten those days when an early morning phone call in Bombay’s Taj Hotel during his first visit. “I woke up with a start and picked up the phone. The voice on the other end said, ‘Main Rafi bol raha hoon’. I ignored and said, ‘Kaun Rafi?’. ‘Ji Mohammad Rafi,’ the mild voice from the other end replied. He was calling to invite me over for breakfast. A visit to his house in Bandra, almost one hour later, had him so excited that he wore one slipper and came out to hug me. One can’t forget these gestures. One can’t forget this nation and its love. Politics can’t do justice to what we, the artistes, have felt for each other,” says Ali, whose 75th birthday later this year in December is already being looked at as an occasion for much celebration in India. “It’s been 62 years since I have been singing now. I will keep doing it till the last breath,” he says. We will keep tuning in.

Among the audiences who have gatherd to listen to Ghulam Ali live, were, Chairman Premia Group Tarun Shienh, Janata Dal (United) president Sharad Yadav, Rajya Sabha MP KC Tyagi, Legendary Poet Nawaz Deobandi, Renowned Bedu Ji (Sankat Mochan Banaras), Mr. Panda Chairman NDMC and Bollywood singer Mohit Chauhan among other dignitaries.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Premia Group presents Ghulam Ali Live in Convcert

Special Appearance by Pt. Vishwanath
Date : Friday, 24th April 2015
Venue : Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi
Time : 7 PM onwards

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pick home of your dreams at Premia Western Star, Sector 1, Greater Noida West.

Mr. Tarun Shienh is introducing the home of your dreams in Greater Noida West. Named The Western Star, this luxurious residential project is coming up in Noida Sector 1, Greater Noida West, that is, KP-V. Sector 1 is considered the best location / sector of Greater Noida West, The Guru again proves his point of the Best location and Best Returns for his customers. Most of the projects that these sectors have were sold 3 – 4 years ago, but, The Western Star since is a latest edition to the location has the best innovative building design and Amenities for best returns and living comfort. This place is going to witness high speed growth in the near future. The main attribute of the location is the way it will interlink with Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Delhi through different routes. The location is also witnessing potential interest among prominent industrial houses.

Land for this project has been allotted by Greater Noida Authority and its Construction is fully approved also. Not only this, the project has special attraction for people who want Metro connectivity to the place of their living in coming days; as Metro services will soon be available here. This apart, this place is special for those also who love exclusivity and excellence. The project incorporates the finest materials, designs laments and amenities and creates a divinely luxurious environment to evoke warmth and promise of standard of living for you and your family.

At this place, you will get Entrance lobby furnished with a 5-Star reception and coffee shop as well as pretty receptionists and waiting areaalso. There will be an open space measuring around 5.25 Acres in area to impart a sense of openness. Besides, you will get facilities of 24-hour Security & Closed –Circuit Monitoring. This is not all. In the common Area you will get 24-hour High Speed Internet Access facility also. What is important is that your entry will be with an Entry Card only; that means full guarantee of your personal security.

Apart from this, you will also get lots of other facilities for high- quality and comfortable living. Some of these facilities include State-of-the-Art Gym, Landscape Garden, Swimming Pool, Golf Putting Greens, Jogging Track along with Palm Trees, Sitting Area & Cycling Track, Cricket Practice Pitch, High Speed Elevators, Dedicated Waste Collection and Sorting Facility. Solar Geyser and Community area lighting through solar power are some of other facilities that will also be available to impart in you a feel of highest living standards.

To make you enjoy the highest living style in India’s 1st Corporate City where there will be PREMIA EPIC MALL which is a WORLD CLASS RETAIL MALL plus an AMUSEMENT PARK where you will get facilities like Banquets for parties & family functions, THEME BASED RESTAURANTS, 5 Star as well as Theme based restaurants, DISCOTHEQUES AND LOUNGE BARS.

What is more, apart from a place of high living style, special care of kids too have been taken so that when you go out for official works or business tours, a Fully Functional Crèche will take care of all your kids’ needs.

There is one more point, to proceed further with discussion The Western Star. Yes, we are talking about its building specifications and parameters. Every building being constructed here will be based on Earthquake Resistant RCC frame structure. Every portion of each building, such as Living/ Dining/ Foyer, etc will be built with Marble/ Imported Tile Flooring. The walls will have OBD paint and ceilings will be decorated with POP.  Special care of your Bedrooms/ Study room is taken. Your master bedroom will be decorated with laminated wooden flooring. Lobby will have a common lift and balconies will be furnished with anti-skid Ceramic tiles/Terrazzo tiles flooring.

Outer walls of each building will have External Combination of Stone and Texture Paint. For doors/ windows there will be Internal Veneered flush/ Skin molded door shutters with high quality fixing mechanisms, External UPVC/ Anodized/ Powder coated Aluminum glazing and Woodwork Factory manufactured, pre-assembled wardrobes in bedrooms.

For your bathrooms there will be High Quality fixtures and fittings with imported tiles on flooring and on walls. Showers will be fitted with Jacuzzi to ensure round the clock supply of hot and cold water through pipeline at any time of day.

Special security arrangements have been provided in The Western Star. Every apartment will be equipped with door phones and intercom. Lobby will have CCTV cameras. Even the basement will have special security system. There will be 24-Hour manned security on entrance gates. For providing pure drinking water, water treatment facility with individual R.O. System will be provided and there will be separate Workers Room also.

Yes, such will be the home of your dreams where you will have an experience of royal living style amid the best amenities and comforts. Just make up your mind to realize your dreams and take your pick at The Western Star in Noida Sector-1, Greater Noid

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Premia Group presents The Western Star Premium Residential Project

After successfully launching India's first corporate city, crown of noida and other path breaking real estate concepts across India, Premia Group, the global conglomerate led by Mr. Tarun Shienh (Chairman, Premia Group & The Real Estate Guru), now presents, The Western Star. A smart living residential project like no other, the Western Star is built on land allotted by the Greater Noida Authority. 

It is an approved construction that marries advanced and contemporary technology and features with a value for money proposition. The smart living concept is changing lifestyles across the globe today. It involves integrating the latest technologies and gadgets with everyday household routines. In keeping with its commitment to create a new lifestyle for its customers, the company is pioneering the concept of smart card access for the first time in India. Apart from hi-tech security, high speed internet access and a host of intelligent and luxury features, Premia Group has left no stone unturned to make you experience the future, today.

The grandeur of The Western Star can be seen and experienced as soon as you enter. You are greeted by a posh lobby, with a reception area, coffee shop and waiting lounge that is at par with any international five star hotel. The 5.25 acre space with landscaped gardens, play areas, jogging tracks, swimming pool with stunning pool decks, state-of-the-art gym, cricket practice pitches and golf putting greens etc. offer you and your kids plenty of recreational activities. High speed elevators offer the perfect bridge between your home and the magnificent outdoors. Broadband internet access in the lobby ensures that you are never out of the game. For the environmentally conscious, the project embraces green living concepts, boasting of a dedicated waste collection & sorting facility, solar geyser and community area lighting through solar energy. The project is located in the heart of Sector-1, Noida, and is connected by a 90 metre wide road. It offers access to all the amenities of India's First Corporate City and pick and drop facility to and from the nearest metro station.  

Premia Group is a growing conglomerate of diverse companies delivering a wide array of solutions encompassing real estate, healthcare, hospitality, infrastructure, lifestyle, energy and social welfare. While the group's flagship business is real estate and infrastructure development, it is united in its commitment to create a difference with solutions that touch every facet of life.  

Premia Group is led by Mr Tarun Shienh, a leader par extraordinary with a diverse repertoire of skills and knowledge. He has diverse rich experience in the real estate and financial services industries, allows him to straddle the many roles of leader, strategic thinker and guide with equal aplomb. With his innovative working style, sound financial planning acumen and strong leadership skills, he has successfully established many well-known Real Estate Brands in a very short span of time. In recognition of this unique ability, his peers in the industry have bestowed him with the coveted title of Real Estate Guru. His revolutionary initiatives and visionary leadership is inspiring unprecedented growth for Premia, and also inspiring the resurgence of the Indian Realty Sector.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Swine Flu Precuation Tips from Premia Healthcare

Om Premia Hospital by Premia Group - The Real Estate Guru Venture
Premia Healthcare is a Super Specialty Hospital by Premia Group

Premia Healthcare wants to make you aware that if you are suffering from FeverCough, Sore throat, Runny nose, Body achesHeadacheFatigue,Diarrhea and Vomiting then immediately visit the nearest Hospital.

* Avoid contact with people who are sick.
* Wash you hands often.
* Maintain healthful habit - get ample sleep and exercise, drink fluids, Eat well.
* Avoid crowded areas
* Get a test done for H1N1 Influenza

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