Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Premia Group Enters the Healthcare Sector

India`s leading diversified business group “Premia Group” has now entered the Health Care sector with the launch of “Premia Healthcare”. Premia Healthcare aims at offering the world’s best and most competitive integrated health care services to Indian Masses. 

Premia Healthcare has overtaken a running hospital from Saloni Healthcare at Palwal, which is a healthcare centre with 115 Bed facility, State of the Art Hospital complex spread over 5 acres of lush green surroundings. Premia Health Care, Palwal is the only highly equipped medical facilities center within a radius of 60 KM. This hospital houses one of the best teams of qualified doctors, medical specialists and medical professionals to deliver the best quality, comprehensive health care facilities and services to approximately one million people of the region.

Premia HealthCare is the brain child of Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD – Premia Group) who has already established Premia Group in the Real Estate sector effectively. On the occasion of the launch, he was quoted as saying, “ With Premia Healthcare, we will work towards evolving the Indian Healthcare Sector to next level by giving Indian Masses access to world`s finest high quality integrated healthcare services. This endeavor is aimed at bringing the best quality healthcare services to the doorstep of those who need it the most and at a price that is quite within the reach of a common man. Indian healthcare services have long shown a maturity that is expected considering the tremendous growth trajectory India has embarked upon and this effort from Premia is just the next logical step in the continuing train of developments.”

Premia Healthcare’s acquisition of a leading running hospital in a Tier -2 City like Palwal is a clear reflection of its inorganic growth strategy keeping in lieu with the potential of Cities like Palwal where healthcare services are quite fragmented. This step is all set to revolutionize private health care services in India and most importantly it is sure to impact the life of the people of cities that are usually not on the radar of big corporate conglomerates. Effectively bringing an elusive quality to the masses, Premia Healthcare is a step that will benefit scores of Indians as the venture moves forward.

“The reason we chose a city like Palwal for our Health Care foray over other metropolitan cities is because it suits our aggressive growth philosophy via an inorganic and non-materialistic business route. Beside this, I feel it’s my social obligation to make quality healthcare services accessible to regions where there is a dire scarcity of quality healthcare” adds Mr. Shienh (Chairman – Premia Healthcare).

The group also believes in sustainable growth. Hence apart from tier 2 and 3 expansion, it is keen on expanding its footprints in other major cities in India where there is a need of high quality & state of art healthcare facilities. After all, a nation built on a healthy foundation is one most likely to define its success path most effectively.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Catch "The Real Estate Guru", Mr. Tarun Shienh on CNN IBN this Sunday at 11:45 am

Watch Mr. Tarun Shienh, “The Real Estate Guru”, discourse on matters related to the industry and the market on CNN IBN. He is due to appear on the series “Architects of Change” initiated by Mint, the leading newspaper. The program is scheduled to air on Sunday, 17th of November at 11:45 AM where you can catch Mr. Tarun Shienh,  “The Real Estate Guru” and a visionary leader, as he shares his views on the coveted titles he holds, how he manages to juggle so many responsibilities, the journey towards becoming “The Real Estate Guru”, latest developments in the field of realty and his visualization of what the future holds for the industry as well for Premia.
The program, “Architects of Change” is a series initiated by Mint to help the audiences familiarize themselves with the visionary leaders that are scripting the progressive development being brought about in modern India and how they succeed in managing the show. The program focuses on what sets them apart as leaders of change and how they visualize the future to pan out. Tarun, known for his sharp intellect and deep insight into the industry and the mindset of consumers, is all set to blaze the screen with his innovative concepts and radical thinking that he believes will make a change for the better. Being an “Architect of Change” is a challenging role; how he manages to keep his many responsibilities fulfilled and how he envisions the landscaping of the Indian Corporate sector to change in the years to come is what he will be discussing during the course of the show. He will also share his plans for his organization and how they plan on expanding their presence over to a national footprint in the coming time, the many new ideas he holds and the diversifications he has conceived for Premia.